Akshaya Alshi is a famous Fahion influencer in the industry, with exceptional creative skills and talent.

Meet the country’s famous fashion influencer who dominates social media. Alshi is a popular face in the fashion industry and the socially dominated platform Instagram. The key to Alshi’s success is to think from the perspective of your audience and be inspired by the little things around them. Alshi entered the fashion industry as the face of India internationally, gradually gaining recognition in the country by brands.
She has a massive Instagram presence as “ Akshaya Alshi ” with an impressive number of followers. She creates content on fashion, luxury and lifestyle.

She has a huge Instagram presence as ‘Akshaya Alshi’ with a huge following. Her audience loves her fashion sense. She is a fashion influencer and creates everyday fashion inspiration for her generation. She established herself as a renowned fashion blogger and influencer within a year.

Alshi has worked with the biggest brands and has been featured on various websites and Instagram pages. She has collaborated with brands for editorials and social partnerships. What interests this fashion influencer most in her career is showcasing what she loves – be it any travel destination. Apart from Bangalore, she has also done many events in Delhi, Mumbai, London, Doha, Malaysia. Alshi was the face of the 2019 SIIMA Awards, held in Doha, Qatar, representing the Indian blogging community for the international film festival.

In recent interviews, she was asked if she wanted to make films, and she gave the media a green signal stating that she is now open to making films as she is back in India, she is just waiting for the good scenario to start with. She has always loved movies. She also said that she trains fully to make films. She has received offers from the Tamil and Telugu industry. She also said that if she makes films, she will continue to work with the brand for collaborations and continue to inspire young people with her favorite fashion trends.

Since her childhood she was determined to make her mark in the fashion industry as she loved fashion ever since. “I think the quality is more important than the quality of the product,” says Alshi. She thinks that the quantity is not as important as the quality you offer, and as an influencer they have to maintain the high quality, taking control in the socially dominated world. Talk about consistency, hard work and dedication.

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