Akshay Kumar started to bleed after Dimple Kapadia stabbed him on stage at awards ceremony

Akshay Kumar Bled on stage after Dimple Kapadia stabbed him in the chest at an awards party (Photo credit: Facebook / Akshay Kumar, Wikipedia)

Akshay Kumar is a prankster in real life, and all of his fans are well aware of that. He spares no one whether it is his wife Twinkle Khanna or his mother-in-law Dimple Kapadia. It’s no secret that Kumar shares a warm relationship with Dimple, and it shows their chemistry in front of everyone. But did you know that there was a time when once the veteran actress stabbed Khiladi Kumar on the stage of an awards ceremony, and he started to bleed?

Well, before we draw any conclusion, let us tell you, it was a prank Akshay played on Dimple. The actor does a lot of pranks on everyone around him, but no one would ever prank his stepmother. But Kumar didn’t even hesitate a minute before doing it too at the awards night in front of almost the entire industry.

It was the most stylish awards function where Dimple Kapadia was called on stage to present an award to his son-in-law. Besides the trophy, she also had to attach a brooch to Akshay Kumar’s coat. So Dimple, being so comfortable with him, just stepped forward and started pinning the brooch when suddenly the actor screamed and everyone can see blood on his white shirt.

Understandably, Dimple Kapadia was shocked and scared with this and covered her face with her hands, just too embarrassed to deal with the situation. All the stars in the audience were watching them both. Even Akshay Kumar’s wife, Twinkle Khanna, was shocked to see blood come out of her husband’s shirt. But after a few seconds everything changed as it turned out that Akshay had just played a prank on him as usual.

Dimple got very pissed off and said, “That’s what he does to me all the time, completely absurd, you scared me.”

We think it was Dimple who handled the situation so calmly; if he had been another actor, Akshay Kumar would have died. Hahaha! But what do you think of this whole situation? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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