Ajay Devgn VS Ajay Devgn on October 13th with RRR VS Maidaan? Why, just why, when Bollywood deserves better after the pandemic?

Ajay Devgn vs Ajay Devgn on October 13th with RRR vs Maidaan? Why, just why, when Bollywood deserves better after the pandemic? (Photo credit – SS Rajamouli-RRR / Ajay Devgn / Instagram)

This is as inexplicable an announcement as it gets. The makers of RRR have announced their release dates for Wednesday, October 13, and that too after Maidaan had already been finalized for Friday, October 15. As it stands, the industry cannot absorb the shock of two biggies and with Ajay Devgn as the common hero between the two films, it only comes across as a gross shock.

Looking at this, I could only exclaim, “Why, why?”

Is this the only week of the year when the big two have to come?

Ajay Devgn was he not consulted before taking this call?

Where has the whole concept of “unity in industry” gone, especially in difficult times?

Can the number of screens in India really afford to make two biggies happen together?

Won’t business be divided?

Is this a way to ensure that one of the movies ultimately decides to walk away silently?

Last but not least, does anyone even think of the audience whose attention would be split if the two films arrived on the same date?

So many questions have arisen in my mind since the announcement was made. None of the people behind these films do the trick. Ajay Devgn’s Maidaan producer Boney Kapoor had announced the release date first. SS Rajamouli, the man behind Baahubali and now RRR, may well claim his place as the greatest director in the Indian film industry. He can choose any date of the year, but why choose the one that leads to a clash?

As it stands, 2020 has been a terrible year for the film industry with a loss of 4000 crore from Bollywood alone. Combine it with other major industries across Tamil and Telugu and the loss only becomes more monumental. At a time when everyone must walk together for a better future of the film industry, and where uncertainty still hangs over how the box office will perform in a few months; it seems like a rather odd decision for one biggie to run into another.

Of course, one of the two movies will definitely move because you can’t afford to have two biggies with the same lead actor clash. What you need to see is what you blink first. The one, who picked the release date first and even made an official announcement? Or the one, who has just put their release plans forward from 2022 to 2021, and ended up choosing the release date that had already been blocked?

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