Aidy Bryant returns to ‘SNL’ with ‘Blue Georgia’, ‘Supermarket Sweep’ and sketches of Capitol Hill arrests – Deadline

Saturday Night Live Fans took to Twitter tonight to welcome the return of longtime member Aidy Bryant. She had been away from the show since mid-October, filming the third and final season of her comedy series Hulu. Acute.

Bryant was back SNL for the first 2021 show of the sketch program, hosted by John Krasinski. She starred in three memorable skits, “Blue Georgia”, “Supermarket Sweep” and “Pandemic Game Night”.

In “Blue Georgia,” Bryant plays a waitress in the Southern state, which was recently switched from Republican to Democrat in both the presidential election and the two Senate races. In Blue Georgia, or as someone in the skit said, “Stacey Abrams country,” things are different. Avocado on gluten-free toast is now a Southern staple, public toilets are all kinds, BLM protests are welcome as Florida MAGA supporters are escorted out of state. But there is one thing the Georgians cannot change their position on. (watch above)

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In “Supermarket Sweep,” frequent collaborators and fan favorite on-screen partners Bryant and Kate McKinnon play a lesbian couple on an old Supermarket scan episode where they are presented as “friends”. Both proceed to crush the competition and engage. (watch below)

In ‘Pandemic Game Night’, a Covid bubble of three couples hosting a weekly game night proves insecure when the group members are arrested – one by one – for their involvement in the attack on the Capitol. The writers include some familiar faces from news coverage, including “QAnon Shaman” and the man who took away President Nancy Pelosi’s lectern. (watch below)

SNL also touched on the Jan. 6 Capitol uprising in Weekend Update where it was dissected by Cathy Anne (Cecily Strong). She explained why rioters are like possums and why white supremacists would thrive in prison. You can also watch it below.

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