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Spoiler alert: The following article contains spoilers for Disney + ‘s episode 3 “Now in Color” WandaVision

After all the Dick Van Dyke Show and Nice to meet you satirical hijinks on WandaVision, the series began to deliver in a way that put fans at the edge of their seats: Wanda Maximoff delivered her twins, Thomas and William (Billy) at the end of Episode 3.

And in Marvel Lore, these guys will become the Young Avengers: Wiccan and Speed. Wiccan will have the sorcery powers of his mother, and Speed, the rapid mutant talents of his late uncle, Quicksilver.

From there, the fanboy universe predicts a host of details: this big bad bad Mephisto is lurking around the corner in the WandaVision district; The Easter eggs sprinkled profusely throughout the series ‘first three episodes indicate this (i.e. the’ 666 ‘upside down in the toaster ad, Agnes’ invisible husband (Kathryn Hahn) calling herself ‘Ralph’ – a name associated with the protagonist of Lord of the flies, the list goes on). Tommy and Billy are reabsorbed into Mephisto and ultimately cease to exist. Let’s not forget either that Wanda is Magneto’s daughter (are Michael Fassbender or Ian McKellen reprising their role?).

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We spoke with WandaVision EP, chief scribe and creator Jac Schaeffer today who pleaded the 5th on whether most of these Marvel canon details will be played out on the series; in particular the idea that Agnes’ husband, Ralph, is Mephisto.

“I can’t answer that,” she laughed as she explained to us when asked that “there isn’t a member of the Easter Egg staff” on the show who plants clues. throughout the show.

The breadcrumbs distributed in each episode actually come from the show’s department heads.

“There are so many people who have worked on Marvel productions, it’s a lot of talented people coming together and contributing their ideas that they know,” says Schaeffer who has a credit story on the upcoming MCU feature film. Black Widow.

There are other questions looming in WandaVision, that is, how does SWORD., the organization that watches Vision and Wanda was born (in the comics this is the Counterterrorism Intelligence Group which is the distant counterpart of SHIELD) and the involvement of Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) with org. The idea is that she Thor the character has followed the duo, and she will debut on WandaVision in the near future. How did Darcy go from being a scientific acolyte to Jane Foster to a mutant guardian?

Schaeffer says, “Like everything in the MCU, there’s the version that exists in the comics and the version that comes to the screen.”

Wanda is quite a powerful person and it is agreed that she created this virtual world. But what about his obsession with the sitcom?

“Sitcom obsessions are mine, Kevin Feige and Matt Shakman’s,” Schaeffer says, “Sitcoms are a place of comfort and safety for us as a community and culture. Superhero movies exist in these high-stakes environments; more than life or death, it is the fate of the galaxy. In a sitcom, everything is going to be fine no matter what. I think we were fascinated by the intersection of these two things.

While we know from the promos that a Family ties the tribute is at hand WandaVision, When the sitcom dries up, will the show feature alternate universes of popular hour-long TV shows, that is, Dallas, Love American Style, The Love Boat, BJ and the Bear, CHIPS and The Sopranos? How long will the TV parody last WandaVision?

Promet Schaeffer: “The show will continue to push the boundaries of television and will continue to surprise and overturn expectations.”

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