Affordable smartphone coming from OnePlus?

When OnePlus first emerged, it set out to be an affordable and similar alternative to high-priced flagship phones. However, with the increasing costs of smart phone production, the company started to be sold at the same price scale as its competitors. Here, OnePlus wants to address the affordable smartphone market again.

OnePlus can produce two different affordable smartphones

With OnePlus Nord, it turned out that the company winking in the mid-range smartphone market is working for a new mid-level. The model seen in Geekbench earlier this month features Snapdragon 660 and 4GB RAM.

In this sense, while Nord is in the mid-top segment, this new smartphone seems to appeal to the mid-range market. There is no more information about this mysterious phone yet. But apart from that, OnePlus seems to have rolled up its sleeves to produce affordable phones at the entry level.

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According to the unconfirmed information, the company started to develop a smartphone with the Snapdragon 460 processor codenamed SM4250. This entry-level smartphone model is expected to cost under $ 200.

Time will tell how the phone, which is sure to be affordable in terms of performance, will have features in terms of performance. However, the price and features of this mid-level smartphone model, which will be equipped with the Snapdragon 660, are even more important for the future of the brand.

Because OnePlus seems to be after an even bigger grab from the Android market with these moves. Do you think OnePlus is the right move to produce affordable smartphones? We are waiting your comments.

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