Adobe introduces Premiere Pro user interface with new import and export workflows

Adobe has made changes to the Premiere Pro user interface, including a new import mode, export mode, and a new simplified header – an update known as Phase One.

Now in public beta, Adobe has some new updates for Premiere Pro with the intention of starting the process of upgrading the software and making it “lighter, more efficient and more enjoyable”.

Out of the desire to make Premiere as beginner-friendly and inconspicuous as possible, Adobe has created a few new ways to start new projects and remove them from the software after completion. While overall incremental, the changes show a nice simplification of some of the common workflows and processes in Premiere – they may build on some major changes in the future.

Uniform header

A more fundamental change to the Quality of Life style they made is a much simpler and more consistent header. You can still quickly switch between different workspaces and find what you need very quickly (with a full screen view button right in the header), but there are no longer any dedicated tabs for the standard Adobe workspaces at the top. As someone just using my own custom workspaces, this is a welcome change.

They also strengthened the Quick Export button in the top header so you can just click it and choose a Quick Export preset and your video is on its way to your hard drive.

The new header only has three main tabs. Import, edit and export. Nice and clean.

Premiere Pro's new import mode

Import mode

With a focus on so that you can start actually interacting with your project media instead of being sent to a huge blank gray screen or dialog pop-ups with lots of codec-related questions (which some users may be scared of), click Click on “New Project”. “Button now opens a new window called” Import Mode “.

In import mode, you instantly view clips and media that you can browse and browse with the mouse (similar to viewing bins in the Project window). As you navigate through directories, you can add folders to your “Favorites” for easy access, and click and add various clips to a bin to add them to your project.

If you are creating a project with files added to the bin, your project will contain any media already in it. You also have the option of creating a sequence with the media in the bin, which would obviously be a great feature for watching daily newspapers or rough string outs.

Premiere has new export functions and workflows

Export mode

The new export window looks really nice.

There’s a new preset manager that makes it really quick and easy to toggle through your various output formats instead of having to go through different container formats and codecs to get from the h.264 shipment to ProRes 422, etc. in one place.

They also added the ability to upload directly to YouTube, now with the ability to set your upload privacy so it doesn’t go live automatically. There are a few other output options there as well (Vimeo, Twitter, and Facebook to name a few).

The best feature of the new export mode is that it allows multiple sequential exports with different output destinations and formats. Basically, this saves you from having to switch to Adobe Media Encoder every time you just need a few different versions of your file.

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