Aditi Sharma: “I don’t believe in competing with anyone in terms of screen space”

“I don’t believe in competing with anyone in terms of screen space, I will rather work on my profession,” actress Aditi Sharma working with an assembled cast in her next show (Photo credit – Instagram / Aditi Sharma)

Actress Aditi Sharma, known for shows like “ Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka ” and “ Kaleerein ”, has now ventured into the digital space and will soon be seen in ALT Balaji’s next series, Crashh! The euphoric, pre-release actress opened up about her character and what it’s like to work in an ensemble cast.

First of all, the actress talked about her character and it’s a journey. The series which is based on the life of 4 siblings separated after an accident comes together under certain circumstances. To learn more about the same, Aditi says, “Crashh is the story of four siblings who lose their parents in a car accident. Having said that, I really would like all audiences and fans to watch the entire series, so I’m just going to stop on that note to keep a high secret (laughs) No but on a serious note, the story tells how the brothers and sisters come together and find each other. And how will their reaction be when they meet. They are all like puzzle pieces and they come together to complete each other! It is rather a story of type “slice of life” “

Aditi Sharma then went on to explain how mentally difficult the trip was for her as she tried and incorporated all the emotions to justify them on screen and what made her say yes. She adds “History! I loved the concept and loved the character of Kajal. Kajal is so different from Meera, Aditi, and Roshni. I wanted to do something that I had never done before or had never felt before. Due to the way Kajal is and the emotional trauma she has faced in her life, I had to feel and understand the exact emotions to portray him on screen! And the trip was very beautiful but very torturing because Kajal never saw a single happy moment in his life. On the contrary, speaking of the struggles of a “Daily Soap Bahu”, she sits quietly in a corner with a sad face. But Kajal is more devastated internally. “

Additionally, Aditi Sharma also spoke about the experience working with an ensemble cast. When asked if she isn’t afraid of working with a multi-star cast where the chances of being eclipsed are high! Rather, Aditi Sharma gave a very sensible answer. The Kaleerein actress added, “I’ve said it before, I don’t believe in competing with anyone in terms of screen space. I will rather work on my profession. Rather, people will like the one who plays his role with the utmost honesty and dedication. But that said, I work with a great team! And here, everyone plays their part and does not eclipse anyone. The scripts are written with all the characters in mind, so here all the actors should rather work on the justification of their roles rather than contemplate them on the screen space ”

Finally, when Aditi Sharma, who is doing exceptionally well on television, was asked about her decision to suddenly go online, the actress had a whole other side to share. She said, “Like I said, I wanted to be an actor and I just wanted to act. Whatever the medium, it’s my job that matters to me! I was fine on TV, okay! But I also wanted to do something on the web. I want to try my luck in the movies too, so I hope you will see me in a movie as well, but the OTT platform has been in high demand since lockdown so I’m grateful that I got the chance to be a part of a project that will be distributed digitally “

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