Actress strips naked on stage in support of arts workers – Deadline

French actress Corinne Masiero sent shock waves through the Olympia concert hall in Paris during the Cesar ceremony in France this evening, when she undressed to appear fully naked on stage. On her breasts and chest was written: “No culture, no future.” The move was intended to support artists and technicians across the country who have been affected by the work stoppages caused by the Covid crisis and the government’s response. A message scrawled on his back was clearly intended for Prime Minister Jean Castex: “Give us back the art, Jean.” (See the video below, which, warning, contains complete nudity.)

Masiero, former César nominee for Louise Wimmer, and is also known for films such as Rust and bone and TV series as a long-running mock documentary Do not do not do that and the current Captain Marleau, first appeared on stage in a 1970s donkey costume reminiscent of Catherine Denueve-starrer Donkey Skin and splashed with fake blood. Masiero then added: “I have another costume”, which was more “cinephile” and revealed a red dress to the Carrie.

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Finally, before removing her dress completely and revealing that she was completely naked underneath, she said: “I have one last costume and after that there is nothing left. This one is “Who wants the skin of Roger L’Intermittant” “, a reference to the French title of Who wants the skin of Roger Rabbit and using the local term for France’s recurring workers in the arts. She added that the statement she was making was: “Because now we’re like this, completely naked.”

As the host of the ceremony, Marina Fois, was quick to collect Masiero’s clothes on the stage floor, Masiero said: “I don’t think I’ll be invited next year, we’ll see. Broadcaster Canal Plus then cut a cut of the Costume nominees and when Masiero reappeared, she was back in the red dress.

Here is the video of the scene:

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