Actors Dish to demanding directors and environments

What’s the best advice for actors to use when dealing with difficult directors?

When you’re an actor, you have to think so much about scene to scene. It’s not just about lines and markings, it’s also about being comfortable on the set. You need to balance the director’s expectations with what you know about the character. And sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to deal with directors … we’ve all heard the stories.

Check out this year THR round tablewhere actors talk about how to deal with those specific details. We will then go into some direct quotations.

Of course, since we have finchers Deficiency This year’s award docket will talk about how to make dozens of takes and how to act under these circumstances. Gary Oldman, who plays the lead role Deficiency, has an idea how to handle day in and day out.

“All directors work differently,” said Oldman. “When I get involved in a project, I want to serve the character, the story and the director. And if they want to do 10 takes or 60, from that point on I’m up to date this time. And I’m there to be in this one Serve your senses. “

Knowing facts beforehand is always good, but what if you get into a new circumstance? How do you deal then

Oldman went into this, emphasizing that sometimes you don’t just make personal changes, you do the repetition to shake yourself into a room the director wants. Trust is the key here.

He said, “David sees everything first of all … he’s like an orchestra conductor. Maybe you’re in five or six takes and he’s not really focused on you yet … I think he just wants you. To get to a point that it wore you down on, and then you find that second wind like a runner – you get that stab and you have to go through the pain threshold … and get away and feel like you’ve really investigated this scene. Turn so many times You look at another performer and say, “Did we get that? I don’t think we got the scene. “With David, you feel like we really worked on the scene. It’s like a dog with a bone: he’ll get the scene.”

Ben Affleck, star of Ex girlfriend and a personal friend of Fincher’s also spoke to the director about his trial.

“I can imagine that it is very frustrating when you work with someone who you thought had no idea what they wanted,” said Affleck. He continued, “How [Gary] Said I’d rather shoot the scene than sit in my trailer. I don’t want to sit there and watch people light up or move [equipment]. He [does] very few setups. And it really is a pleasure to keep playing the scene … you do it so often that you actually forget that you will ever move on. ”

It is very important that the director has an idea of ​​what he wants so that he can organize things. It can quickly get off the rails if there is no control. But of course not all actors work this way, and neither do all directors.

Sascha Baron Cohen talks about what it was like to do something Borate 2 and The Chicago Trial 7 this year. He wasn’t given the opportunity to do more takes because much of his work was improvised or they could only get one shot at it.

“There’s a time to do it with Rudy Giuliani or Mike Pence or right [protestors at a] Gun rally, “said Baron Cohen.” Get up at one in the morning, drive to a hotel, have a prosthetic team turn me into Donald Trump, then smuggle into CPAC and come by the Secret Service and hide in the bathroom for four hours. At some point, Mike Pence comes along and you have a try , you make your speech, you improvise a bit and then you are surrounded by the Secret Service and you have to avoid being thrown in jail. As soon as I go to Aaron Sorkin and he says, “You have two settings on a budget.” I am fine! “

Much of what we’ve learned here revolves around collaboration. Make sure everyone is on the same page before things start. Work back and forth. Communicate. Be okay to ask questions and get clarifications.

Trust is the most important element available in such situations. So do your homework, know what you’re getting yourself into, and see how you can build confidence in the future. That way, you will be satisfied with the performance you are giving and you will be satisfied with the performance you are receiving.

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