ABC rebel wastes his talent on fictional version of Erin Brockovich’s legacy | Television / Streaming

Rebel has a lot on his plate. In the first scene, she confronts a corporate bigwig (Adam Arkin) about a heart valve that has apparently done more harm than good, killing too many patients with its flaws. Rebel is working on this case against a big company from all angles, and there is something interesting here about how difficult it is for David to take on Goliath. It takes more than passion and commitment. Out of public view, Rebel pushes his best friend’s widower, a lawyer named Julian Cruz (Andy Garcia) to take up the heart valve case. She also visits patients, including a dying woman named Helen (Mary McDonnell), and tries to get her gynecologist son Nate (Kevin Zegers) to help her conduct a flaw study.

Of course, even that is not enough for an ABC melodrama. Rebel has two more children, feeling superficially like the yin and yang balances for their mother. On the one hand, there’s Support Ziggie (Ariela Barer), a recovering addict who works with Rebel. On the other hand, there is a lawyer named Cassidy (Lex Scott Davis), who works with Cruz and is courted by his more corporate father Benji (James Lesure). There’s a BFF / investigator Rebel uses named Lana (Tamala Jones), and even a case from the week in the premiere involving an abused wife who fought her husband with a knife. I Almost Forgot: Rebel has a husband named Grady (John Corbett), who may or may not cheat on her.

Heart valves, abuse, miscarriages, death, addiction, infidelity – that’s a lot, and it’s all treated with the same superficial sensitivity. Yes, Erin / Rebel fights the right fight, but the combat is diminished when plot points are used for pushing and handling. ‘Rebel’ also doesn’t trust his audience, and that often doesn’t make sense – too few reasons given why Cruz wouldn’t want to bring a massive class action lawsuit against the heart valves beyond the man-made conflict. , for example (although this is given some depth in the second episode louder). Points of dialogue and intrigue seem to be actively working against the cast. They are talented people, especially for the State of Network TV in 2021, and the cast is further enriched by the addition of the always great Abigail Spencer in episode two.

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