Aanjjan Srivastav remembers Shah Rukh Khan asking him, “Apko Mera Reaction Baraabar Milta Hai Kya?” Pendant Raju Ban Gaya Gentlemen

“Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most down to earth actors I have met”: Aanjjan Srivastav (Photo credit – Shah Rukh Khan / Instagram / Aanjjan Srivastav / wikimedia)

Actor Aanjjan Srivastav gets nostalgic when he remembers working alongside superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

“I worked with Shah Rukh in films like Raju Ban Gaya Gentlemen, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and Chamatkar at the time and more recently in Chak De India. In my opinion, he is one of the most down to earth actors I have ever met and that is exactly what makes him Shah Rukh Khan, ”he says.

In fact, he says SRK made sure he gave everything in one scene.

“I still remember while filming for Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman in RK studios, Shah Rukh approached me and said: ‘Aanjjan ji, apko mera reaction baraabar milta hai kya? (are you getting the right reaction from me)? To which I replied: ‘baraabar hai (yes, absolutely). He continued, ‘nahi, nahi apka reaction mujhe milta hai, apko mera reaction milta hai kya (no, no, I can connect with your reaction, but are you able to connect with my reaction)? It reflects his sincerity and dedication to the characters he plays and shows his vigilance and consideration towards his fellow actors, ”says Aanjjan Srivastav.

“Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman,” released in 1992, was SRK’s third release. Srivastav believes the film is still relevant today.

“What does the younger generation need? Great music, amazing footage, and great content. The film has it all! In addition to the content, GenZ will have the chance to experience the flawless execution of the script from a single lens, ”says Aanjjan Srivastav of the film to be released on Sony MAX2.

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