A Quiet Place 3: Jeff Nichols sequel to the new movie

Filmmaker Jeff Nichols, known for directing films such as Midnight Special and Take Shelter, will develop a new sequel to A Quiet Place. Nichols was in charge of writing and directing the third film in the franchise, based directly on the ideas of John Krasinski, director and co-writer of the two previous films, starring Emily Blunt.

It is worth remembering that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Um Quiet Place Part II has not yet reached theaters. Even so, the producers see great narrative and stylistic potential in the stories and intend to continue their development for some time.

Some international sites have stated that Jeff Nichols’ arrival on the project may bring interesting news in terms of language and aesthetics due to his previous work in cinema. In this sense, the films themselves may not burst at the box office as expected, but they should certainly receive several accolades.

One of Nichols’ last works, much celebrated by expert critics, was the drama Loving, nominated for an Oscar 2017 in some very important categories. If expectations are confirmed, it is possible that Michael Shannon will have a guaranteed participation in the new sequence.

For now, there are no details related to the plot that will be explored in the third part of the franchise, but it may be that instead of continuing to focus on the character of Emily Blunt and her family, the new film can explore new characters that also inhabit this world. invaded by dangerous aliens.

It remains for us to wait for news and also for the launch of A Quiet Place Part II, which should take place in April 2021.

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