A Playable Character Found in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft’s new production released on October 29, this time came up with a playable pedophilia character. The game’s random feature distribution system worked incorrectly this time, turning a woman into a pedophile pediatrician.

The Watch Dogs series, which some players love and some players never come close to, has recently gained a new game. The new game was Watch Dogs: Legion, the third game in the series. In the trailers released so far, we saw that Watch Dogs: Legion added a completely different air to the series.

However, Ubisoft’s new production was not reflected in reality as in the trailers. The play, which debuted on October 29, was criticized, especially because we could turn everyone on the street into an agent. In addition, the game gave Xbox One players overheating problems in the first days of its release.

Unwanted coincidence in Watch Dogs: Legion:

In Watch Dogs: Legion, where we manage a band called DeadSec, instead of a main character, our goal is to talk to people on the street and join our group. People who accept this offer can also hack everything and use all weapons at once.

We can include most of the people we see on the street in the game. However, to choose a person, we can of course take a look at his past and story. Here’s how one actor came across something pretty bad just when he was looking for a person to join the group.

Playable pedophilia character:

In Watch Dogs: Legion, a woman’s profession was mentioned as a ‘pediatrician’ on the streets of London. However, in the person’s statement, “He ended his personal relationship with the patient.” It was giving place to the statement. Considering that a pediatrician’s patient was a child, the fact that the woman had pedophilia emerged. If the character was added to the group, this character could be played by the player.

Ubisoft did not knowingly and willingly organize this information of the person in this way. Because the professions and descriptions of the characters we see in the game are distributed randomly. However, the fact that such a combination can be seen in the game shows that the company does not really think deeply about the combinations.

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