“A lot of people have asked me about the decision to support this film”

“The world will accept your existence if you make it,” shares The White Tiger producer Mukul Deora on his passionate plans (Photo credit: Instagram / Mukul Deora & IMDb)

Musician turned producer and successful entrepreneur, The White Tiger producer Mukul Deora is celebrated across the vast worlds of art and entertainment for his ability to bring his vision to life, whether through melodic tunes or storytelling. powerful.

After making a big debut with the music album Stray in 2006, Deora co-founded the highly influential Bha – a collective of DJs, graphic designers and artists, credited with kicking off Indian underground club culture. On the other hand, Deora also released “Expressway”, a compilation of abstract electronic music on Dudup, her own label. On the changing era of music, he adds, “I taught myself how to make music so it’s easy for me to accept new things. I love to experiment with different types of art forms and here I wanted to add a new melodic touch to my voice with hip hop beats. The genre of hip-hop has grown today and I’m so happy that it’s gaining more recognition. The emotional angle is amazing.

An established member of India’s entertainment industry with a film like Bheja Fry 2, his recent achievement in this area has been Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rajkummar Rao and debutant Adarsh ​​Gurav-starring The White Tiger.

Mukul managed to turn Aravind Adiga’s novel The White Tiger into a film that resonated with millions of Netflix viewers. Mukul Deora shares: “The book is full of mixed emotions. It made me feel a million things. By the time I finished the book, I was sure that this book had a uniqueness that had never been explored before. I never had that perspective of India that the writer presented. A lot of people have asked me about the decision to support this movie, calling it too dark and too edgy. But the story had a hold on me and it was important for me to represent it through cinema.

Mukul is a passionate filmmaker and therefore with his music he wants to produce more films. Speaking of his potential future plans, he concludes, “Ultimately it just doesn’t make sense in your mind, until you can make it happen. The world will accept your existence if you do.

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