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“King Kong Escapes” (1967)

A renewed interest in the original titan led to the release of “King Kong Escapes” in 1967. Unrelated to the 1962 film, this version of King Kong faces off against a duplicate robot, Mechani-Kong. And in keeping with Rankin / Bass’s involvement in the film as producers, Mechani-Kong is an adorable piece of design that resembles an extra-tall resident of The Island of Misfit Toys. A short-lived animated series was also produced in conjunction with the film. Following this, 1969’s “The Mighty Gorga” was a breathtaking jungle adventure with no budget or shame. It was remarkable that the title creature mask was a permanent expression of dismayed surprise, as if he had just stepped on his giant monkey wife in bed with his giant monkey best friend.

There would be a mini gold rush in the ’70s Kong scams, all hoping to ride the tails of producer Dino De Laurentiis’ remake in 1976, which bizarrely billed itself as “the most exciting original cinematic event of all.” the temperature. De Laurentiis’ version plays like a tacky Italian knockoff of ‘King Kong’, using only the real name and costing tens of millions of dollars. The centerpiece of 1976 ‘King Kong’ was to be a full-size Kong robot. nature built by special effects maestro Carlo Rambaldi. It was built and quickly failed to function or move in any realistic way. Rick Baker was made to play Kong in a monkey costume for most of the movie And in that particular daring that was De Laurentiis’ hallmark, the film ends by crediting Rambaldi for Kong and thanking Baker for his “special contributions” to the film.

Kong’s flurry of copies spanned the gamut, including Shaw Brothers’ ‘The Mighty Peking Man’, which mixed a dodgy jungle adventure with dodgy softcore, and ended up as a raging sordid monster with the “hero” who seduces almost all those in which it is contact with the killed. Italy itself sent “Yeti: Giant of the 21st Century” with a hellish earworm of a theme song, and a giant beast that looked like Bigfoot crossed with an acrylic painting of White Jesus. South Korea’s entry was ‘APE’ where the most seedy monkey costume in the movies revealed glimpses of the actor’s white t-shirt underneath and an indelible moment where the giant monkey flips the bird over. a group of soldiers and the public. Britain was not to be left out and they brought the world to ‘Queen Kong’, an excruciating sex comedy where a giant female ape shines on an unfortunate male named, wait for it, Ray Fay.

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