A Feature of Google Photos Has Been Paid

The Google Photos app is not only a photo management app but also a photo editing app. The color brightening feature of the application, which provides color highlights, was paid for some photos.

Google publishes many features for its users. One of them is the application called Google Photos. Although the application is generally used for photo management, it also contains many nice and useful tools.

One of these features is the color brightening feature. Basically, using this feature, it is possible to make the background black and white while preserving the colors in certain parts of the photos. This process will now be paid for some photos.

The feature will be paid for photos without depth information

Although depth information can now be included in the photos we take with smartphones, this feature is not available on every device. Photos without depth information can no longer be edited specifically, at least for a fee.

While this decision on its own doesn’t seem to be a big deal, it does show that there is a possibility to pull a paywall in front of Google’s other editing features. There is no other indication that future editing tools will be paid.

The XDA-Developers team, who has examined the new version of Google Photos v5.18, says that the application will include new editing features in the future. These include Dynamic, HDR and Vivid features.

Six new sky filters

In addition, there will be six new sky filters in the application. These were called afterglow, airy, ember, luminous, radiant, and stormy. Thus, the sky in the background of the photo can be changed.

Whether these features will be free for Google Photos users is currently unknown. Maybe these features are also among the features that need to be paid with Google One.


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