A brand new crypto move from Mastercard

Mastercard has decided to accelerate its work in this sector with the growth of the crypto money sector.

Mastercard released an announcement that will be of interest to cryptocurrency companies today at noon. Mastercard announced in this announcement that crypto companies can now apply to the Accelerate program within Mastercard much more easily .

What Does It Mean?

Crypto companies applying for the Accelerate program can benefit from different opportunities. The most attractive part of this program is that it offers companies the opportunity to develop their own credit/ debit cards .

Under normal circumstances, it was very difficult for a crypto company to apply for this program and get approval . However, with the announcement published today, Mastercard has made this process much easier especially for crypto companies. According to Mastercard’s statement, these companies can now be included in the Accelerate program “in just a few weeks” .

Mastercard Support

The companies included in this program can develop their own credit/ debit cards, but as we mentioned above, the possibilities offered by the Accelerate program are not only limited to this.

The crypto money companies included in Accelerate can take advantage of the technical services offered by Mastercard and get help from Mastercard while conducting market research. Mastercard also helps these companies with cyber security.

There are a few key things that the crypto companies involved in the program must comply with in return. For example, these companies must comply with all kinds of personal security and data privacy principles and comply with anti-money laundering laws. Raj Dhamodharan, who is responsible for Mastercard’s blockchain work, says:

“The cryptocurrency market continues to grow. As Mastercard, we offer a reliable experience to people in today’s digital economy and contribute to this process. ”

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