7 Unforgettable Boys Over Flowers Moments

The Boys Over Flowers scenes and their leads have stolen the hearts of many K-Dramas fans, do you have any favorite moments throughout history?

The story of Jan Di and Jun Pyo was full of uncertainty as we accompanied all the characters in the challenges of the plot. This K-Drama became so popular that we still fondly remember it to this day. We tell you what are some of the best moments of the series.

The F4 and Jan Di hooked us in each episode with their story, where we met their friendship, romance and strength to face a great number of difficulties that were often beyond their reach.

Hana Yori Dango manga adaptations are usually extremely successful, but Boy Over Flowers represented an increase in the popularity of K-Dramas worldwide.

If you are one of those who enjoy the history of the F4 and Jan Di, then you will love to remember some scenes that were part of the series and that built the destiny of the characters.



At the beginning of the Boy Over Flowers story, we learned about the personality of the main characters before undergoing an evolution, so the first moments between the protagonists became unforgettable and one of them is when Jan Di defends her friend and embarrasses her Jun Pyo ice cream on the face, thus starting a fight between these two characters.


The trip to New Caledonia was another of the moments that became iconic for this series. He presented us with an approach between the characters and various events organized by Jun Pyo to conquer Jan Di, but also the settings of this adventure are incredible.


An unforgettable moment that broke our hearts occurred when Jan Di and 3 of the F4s travel to Macau to meet Jun Pyo again, when the protagonists meet, Jun Pyo coldly breaks the relationship he had with Jan Di even though he is not following to your heart.


Min Ji’s betrayal also represented an insurmountable part of the Boy Over Flowers story, when Jan Di believed she had found a friend within her new school she received a bad move from her, causing bewilderment and annoyance from all viewers.


We all love Boys Over Flowers’ secondary couple and one of their best moments in the series occurred when Yi Jeon helped Ga Eul take revenge on the boy who broke his heart. They go on a date that gives the girl confidence while showing that she is someone of value. This was also the beginning of a romance between these characters.


We can’t forget when the whole school changes plans for a trip to Europe, all because Jun Pyo wants to meet Jan Di. But a memorable moment of this adventure occurred when the protagonist and Ji Hoo dance at the party and Jan Di decides to place her feet on top of the boy’s, feeling like in a dream.


Another moment that provoked many emotions in the audience occurred when Jun Pyo was about to get married so that his mother promised not to hurt Jan Di, but the outcome of the story gave us a new breath and an opportunity for the main couple .

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