7 Moments where Jungkook fell in love with ARMY using …

Apparently Jungkook all accessories fit him well, that’s why ARMY loves that the idol wears glasses. The ‘Golden Maknae’ has different talents and abilities, since his debut with his fellow BTS members he has impressed the public with his performance on stage, his artistic evolution and personality.

Jungkook is a star in the international music firmament, the native of the city of Busan is a ‘Midas’, because everything he wears is sold out immediately, that is, if he wears a sweatshirt, they will all be sold immediately.

The looks of the minor member of BTS are quite a theme, since BTS have mixed various styles and have been bad boys, with a great passion for Hip-Hop, while in other eras they have become ‘flower boys’.

This time we present you 7 times in which Jungkook fell in love with ARMY with his lenses, the idol has a very wide collection and of all styles, how does Jungkook look with sunglasses? Do you prefer to see him with round lenses?


Some time ago, Jungkook gave ARMY a very elegant photo, the idol wearing square glasses that stole sighs from more than one Internet user.


Jungkook dressed in a very retro look, a denim jumper and a shirt with striped buttons and to complement, the special touch were round glasses with a black and gold frame. Owww.


In the special video for the song ‘SPINE BREAKER’, the BTS guys wore dark glasses and Jungkook looked amazing with him green accessory, becoming an epic meme.


BTS concerts are a party and the group members always want to bring joy to their fans, so Jungkook wore dark glasses. How does the idol look?

Round lenses

One of Jungkook’s favorite shapes in glasses are round ones, as they make him look more adorable and cuddly. Do you prefer Jungkook with round glasses?


No matter what shape they are, what color they are, or the brand, ARMY will always love the way BTS’s Jungkook looks with glasses.


For a special car signature, which is part of a collaboration with BTS, Jungkook was seen with a very casual and comfortable outfit, wearing square glasses, making ARMY fall in love once again.

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