7 Jungkook photos to recreate from home

If you no longer know what to do in quarantine or want to update your profiles on social networks, you can recreate some photos of Jungkook. You won’t need much, just your closet, some make up, good lighting and someone to help you recreate some images of the idol.

You can do it from home and give a new touch to your profile on Instagram or Facebook. You can choose different poses or concepts, we leave you a list with ideas and tips for you to be inspired by Jungook.

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You only need a palette, a dark outfit and someone to help you or the timer on your phone. This photo will give you a cool, fun and daring touch to your profile picture. You can line your eyes if you prefer


You can go out to your patio or stand near a window where the sun beats down on you, you can wear white or neutral tones, ask someone for help and take a photo that gives you a golden spring and that inspires tranquility.


Find some artificial flowers or flowers from your garden, stand on a colored wall or choose a background of your choice and pose as if you were a model in a summer magazine. The flowers should go up to your chest, it will give you a tender and mysterious touch.


Nothing like adding a sexy touch to your photos. Choose your best black outfit, outline your eyes and look for dark accessories. It will give you a rude image, ask someone for help to portray you in profile while you do your best poses looking serious but attractive.


In times of home office or online classes, you can choose to change your profile photo. Wear your best clothes, choose a casual or elegant combination, look for good lighting and have someone portray you from behind, you must be serious and show the confidence you have in yourself.


You can use black or red steal to highlight your features, look for good lighting and model “like you don’t realize”, to get a serious photo, but with a touch of mystery.


If you have no ideas or want a comfortable photo without having to rummage through your closet, you can wear a plaid shirt or if you have similar pajamas to portray yourself, a fun, simple photo to share what you do in quarantine.

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