6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj: YouTube denies their record with “Trollz”!

A few days ago, Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine released their song “Trollz”. A real success having conquered the fans. In fact, the man who just got out of prison boasted of having made 64 million views in 24 hours. However, that would be wrong.

Although the sound is validated by the majority. Just read the many comments on the Web to realize it:

“Best duo! This is the hit of the summer! I wasn’t expecting something so qualitative … Besides, it can be seen that the two of you 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj got on too well together … “Some said.

With such comments and the number of views recorded, the rapper therefore boasted: “I do better than any rapper under house arrest”, as noted 13or of Hip Hop.

However, as we let you know, the 64 million views of 6ix9ine would not be real and we will explain why.


In reality, it’s just YouTube that took the dots on the i’s. The platform hosting the sound specifying that the views would not have really reached the threshold touted by the artist.

The site, therefore saying about the title of 6ix9ine: “Video advertising is an effective way to reach specific audiences with a song start. But YouTube does not take into account paid advertising views to establish a number of views over 24 hours. ”

As you can see, in the 64 million views, some would only have lasted a few seconds. Since the clip appeared in the ads of some videos to inflate the figure.

Despite everything, although 6ix9ine did not reach the famous bar in 24 hours, the clip remains seen by millions of people. No doubt the bar has already been crossed in the space of a few days.

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