6 reasons Bang Si Hyuk is the best leader for BTS, he’s everything!

PAKUAN MEDIA – There are several reasons why Bang Si Hyuk is categorized as Big Hit Entertainment’s best CEO as well as BTS’s best leader.

Bang Si Hyuk is everything to BTS. Many of Bang Si Hyuk’s attitudes and treatments are very meaningful and have made BTS successful until now.

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No wonder Bang Si Hyuk is one of the people who is very close to BTS members, more than just the head of the agency.

Here are 6 reasons Bang Si Hyuk is the best leader for BTS

1. Leaders who remain humble despite great success

When BTS started to gain a lot of international fame in 2017, Bang Si Hyuk showed his humility by giving some advice to the members.

He told them that BTS didn’t need to protect their original intentions as artists, and RM was very grateful when Bang Si Hyuk said this.

“PD Bang Si Hyuk told us ‘You don’t need to protect your original intentions.’
I thank you for the story, because it is something different from everyone saying [we have to] keep our original intentions, “said RM.

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