5 times Jin showed great acting talent

5 times Jin showed great acting talent. Fall in love with Jin’s acting talent with these videos. Jin has shown a lot of talent for acting.

The idols before debuting on a K-pop group have previous studies and training in different areas so that they can develop not only in music but in dramas, locution programs, music and more.

Jin studied theater and performing arts , so his knowledge is extensive and he has demonstrated natural on-camera on various occasions, whether in BTS MVs, commercials, shows, and more. Some ARMYs may have the dream of seeing his act in some drama, since he manages to transmit many things only with the features of his face.

We leave you a list with the 5 of the best performances of Jin .


Jin once again demonstrated his acting skills in the MV of Daechwita, Agust D 2’s lead single. The idol played a fight with Jungkook while Suga rapped in one of the scenes. Without a doubt, comedy is something that comes naturally.


Jimin and Jin made a parody of a Korean drama, but although the moment was very comical, the idol showed that he manages to concentrate and with only the expressions on his face he is able to reflect a mood.

BTS World

For BTS Wolrd promotions, Jin managed to show off his versatility for acting in different kinds of situations, proving that he can carry out interpretations of different human emotions.


Although it is a simple commercial, Jin is fully committed and achieves an excellent performance that transmits feelings and a great aura of emotions.

Versatile in your emotions

He also managed to shake ARMY with one of the BTS intros, where he witnesses his girlfriend’s accident and goes from emotion to shok, showing a somber face that transmits sadness and pain.

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