5 reasons the franchise enjoys an ever-growing fandom around the world

Drishyam 2 with Mohanlal will be released on Amazon Prime Video on February 19 (Photo credit: IMDb)

Drishyam is not just any ordinary crime thriller. There was the wonderful Mohanlal, to begin with. And if that wasn’t enough, the 2013 film’s sleek editing and frenetic pace had everyone on the edge of their seats. Cut to the present day and we’ve seen not only the original Malayalam, but a remake of the film in a host of regional languages ​​which saw Kamal Haasan and Ajay Devgn leading the way.

As the film makes a name for itself in the crime thriller genre, fans of the franchise will be delighted with Drishyam 2, starring legendary superstar Mohanlal and directed by Jeethu Joseph, releases February 19, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. . As fans around the world eagerly await the release of one of the most anticipated sequels of the year, we list 5 reasons that make Drishyam one of the popular franchises beloved around the world.

A masterpiece in several regional languages

Not one, not two, but Drishyam was created in four Indian regional languages. The fact that this film was produced in several languages ​​such as Hindi (Drishyam), Tamil (Papanasam), Telugu (Drushyam) and Kannada (Drishya) is a testament to the fact that this film was not just a blockbuster. regional but a mega-bit everything. Across the country. With superstars Ajay Devgn, Kamal Haasan, Venkatesh and Ravichandran starring in these respective films, it was no surprise to see audiences hooked up to their screens in their preferred language.

International remake

Not only in our country, Drishyam has also been adapted and remade abroad. This film was the first Indian film adapted into Chinese and titled Sheep Without a Shepherd, released in crowded theaters. The film was also made in the Sinhala language under the name Dharmayuddhaya.

Raking the big numbers

Add to the acclaimed criticism from all over the world, the film turned out to be a blockbuster at the box office. So much so that Drishyam was the first Malayalam film to raise £ 500million from its theatrical box office collections to raise over £ 750million worldwide, a record it held until 2016.

Thriller and crime

There aren’t too many movies lately that got audiences thinking about what they’ve seen long after the movie ended. Drishyam, a very intelligent film, with an abundance of suspense and twists that you never saw coming, made sure that it leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. His heyday will be remembered for making us wonder about the things that went through Georgekutty’s head and how he managed to save his family from trouble. Safe to say it was an action packed thriller that completely blew us away.

Mohanlal, the Megastar

The fact that a South Indian film megastar who has over 3 decades of experience working in this film as the protagonist speaks volumes about the script, the film and its franchise. His onscreen presence and charisma as he enters the frame never fails to leave us in awe. Getting into the character’s shoes was no small feat for the wonderful Mohanlal and gives us all the more reason to be super excited to see what he has in store in the upcoming sequel.

So brace yourself because Drishyam 2 will soon arrive exclusively on Amazon Prime Video to take you for a ride with Georgekutty and his family.

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