5 historical achievements with which BTS conquered the world

BTS is one of the most influential and important bands in the world.

BTS has managed to excel in the world of music and has made significant achievements outside of Korea of the South , becoming the band K-Pop which first broke these records abroad.

BTS is one of the most influential music groups in the world, its success is due to the sincerity of its songs and the message of acceptance of its songs and record materials.

The Bangtan Boys are regarded as international artists, and they have used their fame to spearhead major campaigns with various organizations to raise awareness of bullying.

7 years have passed since the BTS boys debuted with ‘ No More Dream ‘ in 2013 and since then there have been very important moments in their career where the K-Pop band managed to set new records and achieve new feats in the foreigner . Do you want to remember some of them? Continue reading.


One of the most anticipated moments for BTS fans was the day the band performed at GRAMMYs 2020 . Idols dominated the stage with their show alongside Lil Nas X, where they performed ‘ Old Town Road’. Although they appeared on stage for only a short time, this was a historic moment as BTS became the first South Korean band to perform at this award ceremony and idols expressed that this was one of their biggest dreams. However, they still have a bigger goal to achieve: win their first Grammy . Do you think they will get it soon? We hope so!


It is no secret that BTS has an infinite number of fans around the world, their unconditional ARMY always supports them and has helped them get several Guinness Records, one of the most recent was thanks to Bang Bang Con: The Live, since they got the largest number of spectators at an online concert in the world.

Several months ago it was also announced that BTS would be part of the Record Guinness 2020 book for its most incredible achievements such as the video with the most views in the first 24 hours on YouTube and the tweet with the most retweets.


The BTS guys have also set new records on the Billboard charts . One of his most recent releases was ‘ Stay Gold ‘, his new Japanese song from his album ‘Map of the Soul 7: The Journey’ peaked at # 1 on Billboard’s worldwide sales , joining the other 19 BTS songs They also managed to quickly reach this position as ‘Fake Love’, ‘IDOL’, ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Make It Right’. Bangtan is currently the only artist to achieve this record.


One of BTS’s most recent achievements is the worldwide success of their album ‘ Map of the Soul: 7 ‘, which was very well received by international audiences. A few days ago was released the album of Bangtan became the most sold during 2020 in the United States , even beating The Beatles and becoming the band with higher sales both in that country and in Korea South, Japan and the world in general.

‘ Map of the Soul: 7 ‘ surpassed more than 552 thousand physical and digital sales in the United States , while in South Korea they reached 4 million units sold. OMG!


One of BTS’s most inspiring moments and one that many of his fans remember with excitement was RM’s speech at the UN, where the idol delivered a powerful message at the Generation Unlimited event. The boys from BTS participated in UNICEF’s ‘ LOVE MYSELF ‘ campaign, which was chosen as the most successful of all. Bangtan is not only one of the greatest exponents of K-Pop in the world, he has also taught millions of people the importance of loving himself and has spread valuable messages about unity, a fact that has been recognized by great institutions. Yaay!

This year BTS positioned itself as one of the highest-earning celebrities in 2020 , according to Forbes. But this is not the first time that idols have gained prominence in international publications, recently the 7 singers and rappers of BTS became the cover of TIME magazine , earlier this year as part of the edition ‘Times Kids’, in where they shared their influence on the lives of people who enjoy their music.

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