2Gether The Series, the BL story you can’t miss

The continuation of 2Gether is about to be released, do not miss the beginning of the second part of the story. The BL series of Thai origin have gained great popularity among all those who enjoy Asian dramas.

These productions delve into love stories between boys and have stolen the attention of the audience.

2Gether is one of the series that has managed to distinguish itself around the world, and now that a follow-up to this plot is about to be revealed, it’s time for you to give this series a chance.

2Gether’s story begins when Tine is harassed by an admirer who is in love with him, when things start to get increasingly uncomfortable, an idea appears in front of him. Him friends suggest that in order to get rid of this boy, he pretends to have a boyfriend, so Tine must find out who plays the role of him fake boyfriend.

Tine finds the ideal prospect: Sarawat, but getting him to agree to be part of this deception won’t be easy at first. However, as time passes and they become close, it will also be difficult to know if they continue to pretend or if they have begun to develop a special bond.

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