2021 Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule combines matte paint with glossy accents

The 2021 Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule is the second Urus design edition after debuting the Urus Pearl Capsule a few months back. Whereas the Pearl Capsule edition consists of bright, glossy exterior color options, the Graphite Capsule offers matte paint with contrasting glossy color accents.

“The new Graphite Capsule endorses the inimitable versatility of the Lamborghini Urus as the original Super SUV: its color and styling are as adaptable and versatile as its presence in every high-performance and lifestyle environment,” said Giovanni Perosino, Automobili Lamborghini Chief Commercial Officer.

For the Urus Graphite Capsule, Lamborghini lets you choose from one of four matte paint hues: White (Bianco Monocerus), Black (Nero Noctis), and two gray hues (Grigio Nimbus and Grigio Keres). Meanwhile, you can specify one of four available gloss paint accents to create a distinctive yet aggressive vibe.

The Urus Graphite Capsule you see here has Verde Scandal (green) paint on the rear front splitter, side skirts, rear spoiler, and door inserts. If you don’t like green, you can have yellow (Giallo Taurus) and two types of orange (Arancio Dryope and Arancia Leonis) colors to choose from.

“The inherent design of the Lamborghini Urus, with the DNA of our super sports heritage, lends itself to virtually limitless potential for personalizing color and trim,” added Perosino. “The Urus Graphite Capsule is the latest collection to offer our growing clientele the opportunity to stamp their individuality and way of life on their Lamborghini.”

Additionally, the 2021 Urus Graphite Capsule has bespoke 23-inch Taigete rims that are decorated with your chosen accent color. The vehicle also receives black chrome exhaust tips. Inside, the exterior accent colors are also present in the centra tunnel, seat bolster inserts, and in the Q-citura stitching. Exclusive to the Urus Graphite Capsule are matte carbon-fiber and dark anodized aluminum trim to complete the sinister vibe.

Pricing is yet to be announced, but the 2021 Lamborghini Urus Graphite Capsule has the same 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 good for 641 horsepower and 627 pound-feet of torque. With such a powerful motor, the Urus rushes to 60 mph in 3.6-seconds.

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