1988-1990 Oliver and Benji games (Captain Tsubasa)

From the first NES games to the present day, Captain Tsubasa accumulates a good number of titles, with different approaches. We review all of them.

Captain Tsubasa is a series that will always remain in the collective memory of a generation. In Spain, renamed Oliver and Benji, it served many as an introduction to Japanese animation, along with other classics such as Dragon Ball or Knights of the Zodiac, coinciding in a time of special splendor for these works in our country – cartoons at 8:30 p.m. On national televisions, what idyllic times …-. But its reach reached the entire Spanish-speaking soccer universe, with that unreal but epic way of describing the beautiful game, with its endless fields and impossible shots that more than one would try to reproduce in their sessions with the ball.

Given the incombustible popularity of its characters, it is not surprising that there are numerous games that allow us to experience the adventures of Oliver (Tsubasa Oozora), Benji (Genzo Wakabayashi), Tom (Taro Misaki), Marc Lenders (Kojiro Hyuga) and the rest. of stars that so many good times had made us spend with a good dinner sandwich. Unfortunately, many of them stayed in Japan and we were only able to play them through import or years later, thanks to the efforts in rom translation by a dedicated community. And of course, we cannot forget about the new addition to the saga, Rise of New Champions for PS4, Switch and PC, a delivery that has received a 7 from us and that is the first video game on console for 10 years.

Captain Tsubasa (Famicom, 1988, Japan)

It was the first known game based on the series and with it Tecmo laid the foundations of what would be his passage through the medium. The company had devised a system called Tecmo Theater that it had used spectacularly to provide Ninja Gaiden with powerful cutscenes with large characters occupying the screen, a first for Nintendo 8-bit. With this system as a starting point, a turn-based system was devised in which the focus was placed on the character with the ball, creating a system halfway between the RPG and the strategy, which also allowed to reproduce the spectacular nature of the scenes with the special shots, the stops and other characteristic elements of Yoichi Takahashi’s work.

Captain Tsubasa 2: Super Striker (Famicom, 1990, Japan)

Given the success of the first, Tecmo returned to the charge in a clear example of “more and better”, consolidating the style of play created with a round title that improved and polished many aspects of the original. In addition, it had a novel point since the original series had ended and that allowed us to place the action three years later, with the players beginning to face their professional stage. Possibly one of the best games based on the license and a favorite of many.

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