17-Year-Old Teen Arrested Behind Twitter Hack

The FBI found the hacker behind the biggest hack in Twitter history. The hacker is not even 18 years old yet. According to Tampa Bay Times, 17-year-old Graham Ivan Clark became the brain of the big Bitcoin hack on Twitter.

The teenager was arrested after a joint investigation by the FBI, US DOJ, and IRS. Attorney Andrew Warren made the following statements regarding the issue:

“I congratulate our federal law enforcement partners. They quickly worked to investigate and identify the perpetrator of a versatile and comprehensive fraud. ”

What Happened?

As we reported earlier, a number of high profile Twitter accounts belonging to Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian and other important figures were seized on July 15 for Bitcoin fraud.

Clark had collected more than $ 100,000 of crypto money from people after he promised to double the amount of BTC sent to his address. Although it was suspected that someone behind the attack was bribing a Twitter employee at the beginning, the social media giant recently stated that the major security breach was not related to this.

The hacker did this by targeting employees with direct access to the website’s internal tools.

Clark is currently facing heavy accusations of over 30 separate crimes involving identity theft and many other crimes.

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