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The Los Angeles County Public Health Department released new Covid-19 data on Saturday, reporting 16 new deaths and 443 new positive cases of the virus.

As the number of hospitalizations continues to decline across the county as more vaccines are administered, the number of deaths and confirmed cases reported today may reflect delays in notification over the weekend.

Figures reported today bring the county to a total of 23,775 deaths and 1,231,163 confirmed cases.

At the time of writing, 453 residents are hospitalized with Covid-19, 23% of whom are in intensive care unit.

The Covid test results have now been made available to nearly 6,414,000 people, of which 18% have tested positive. The daily rate of test positivity is 0.7%.

At this point, over 6,642,000 doses of vaccine have been administered in LA County, including over 4,254,000 first doses and over 2,387,000 seconds. Public Health said 48% of county residents 16 and older had now received at least one dose; this total is up 4% from the previous week.

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Five of today’s new deaths were in people over the age of 80, and four people aged 65 to 79 have been lost to the virus. Three people who died were between 50 and 64 years old, and four died between 30 and 49 years old.

Au cours de la fin de semaine, la Santé publique offrira des vaccins sans rendez-vous à tous les résidents de 16 ans et plus, jusqu’à épuisement des stocks. Le rapport d’aujourd’hui fait suite à une annonce faite hier par la FDA et le CDC, dans laquelle les organisations ont levé la pause sur l’utilisation du vaccin Johnson & Johnson.

Pour plus de mises à jour Covid du ministère, connectez-vous à leur hôtel de ville virtuel sur les vaccins le mardi 27 avril à 18 h 00, qui sera diffusé sur leurs chaînes Twitter, Facebook et YouTube.

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