$ 1,400 Stimulus Checks, Extended Benefits Planned in Covid Relief House – Deadline

The stimulus bill passed by the House of Representatives early Saturday is expected to be signed by President Joe Biden before the March 14 end of current federal benefits, according to reports.

The House’s new Covid-19 relief bill contains relief in the form of extended unemployment benefits for more than five months, giving beneficiaries an additional $ 400 per week until August 29.

In addition. Stimulus checks of $ 1,400 will be given to adults earning less than $ 75,000, including $ 1,400 for children under 17.

The relief bill is now moving through the Senate, where a provision to remove the federal minimum wage of $ 15 faces strong opposition from Republican lawmakers. Democrats can still pass the bill by simple majority using a budget rule called reconciliation.

More than 19 million Americans were receiving benefits as of early February, according to the Department of Labor.

There is good news for the self-employed, construction workers and others who do not qualify for state-level assistance. They will be eligible for additional weeks of state benefits for the long-term unemployed under the bill’s provision for unemployment compensation in the event of an emergency pandemic. the PUA a maximum of 74 weeks of benefits, compared to 50.

The bill also provides for a supplement of $ 100 per week for certain self-employed workers. Workers are eligible if they earn at least $ 5,000 in net self-employment income and are not receiving benefits under the Unemployment Pandemic Assistance Program.

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