10 Jimin habits that make him an adorable idol

Get to know some habits and gestures that make Jimin from BTS prettier. The personality of Park Jimin is very nice, knows some cute habits of the singer BTS .

Jimin is an idol who has earned the respect of his colleagues within the Korean entertainment industry for his talent, creative ability, and on-stage skills. The native of Busan city is a big star.

Little by little the interpreter of ‘Dope’ manages to break his own records and marks with his music, accompanied by his friends from BTS . Jimin is a very charismatic boy who has crushed the hearts of his fans.

Member of Bangtan Boys have habits that complement your sweet personality, there are some gestures characteristic of Jimin that elevate his charisma, moves in such a way or does something that is unique.

This time we bring you the 10 adorable habits that Jimin makes when he laughs, feels nervous, happy or is on stage. The member of the Big Hit Entertainment band is a very sweet and tender person.


Wrinkle the Nose: Jimin usually wrinkles his nose when he laughs, goes to sing, takes photos or when interacting with ARMY , it is a very adorable gesture that the BTS singer has in different situations.

Putting his chin on his hands: On several occasions the singer of BTS has shown that he feels very comfortable when putting his chin on his hands, it is a habit that gives a lot of tenderness to his personality.

Close his eyes when he smiles: Jimin has an ‘eye smile’, which means that when he smiles very hard his eyes close so much that he can’t see anything, his BTS peers tease him about this.

Put your hands behind your back: When you are in an interview, presentation or in a speech, one of Park Jimin’s habits is to put his hands behind, the idol looks very cute surrounded by his peers.

Keeping his hands in the sleeves of his clothes: Jimin sometimes keeps his hands in the sleeves of his clothes, it is a habit that the boy from the Bangtan Boys has developed over time.

Pulling your hair back : Jimin takes every moment to push his hair back, he can be at a live, interview or concert and this habit is always present in the life of the interpreter.

He covers his face with his hands: When Park Jimin feels sorry for something , the idol reacts in a very adorable way because he covers his face with his hands and drops on one of his BTS partners .

Move your shoulders: Another habit of Park Jimin when he is very nervous or something makes him sad, is that he moves his shoulders, but the idol does it in a quite discreet way from top to bottom.

It takes a lot out of the league: Jimin usually sticks out his tongue in different circumstances, the singer of ‘Lie’ is a boy with very funny habits that give a special touch to his funny and tender personality.

When he laughs, he taps his BTS peers: Jimin has a habit of hitting his peers when he laughs, but he does it in such a tender way that the BTS boys already recognize Jimin’s gestures and find him cute.


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