10 fun facts about Oh My Venus to remember this drama

Learn more about the drama “Oh my venus”. This story revolves around a lawyer, who was very popular during her youth due to her attractiveness; However, after breaking up with her life-long boyfriend and the stress of work, she lost her figure and her life became boring and monotonous.

It is not until he meets a personal trainer during a trip and discovers that he is responsible for helping several celebs to have an enviable body, what he does not know is that he pretends to be someone else to hide his identity and in exchange for keeping his secret will help her.

In the middle of their training and diet relationship, they will fall in love and learn to overcome the hurts of their past. The drama starred So Ji Sub, a popular actor, and Shin Min Ah. If you want to know more about this drama, we leave you a list with 10 Curiosities of Oh My Venus that you should know.

  • Henry from Super Junior M was part of the cast, his character was very funny
  • The original name for the drama would be Oh my god, but because the protagonist lost her appeal, the writers toyed with the idea of ​​Venus, the goddess of beauty
  • This project marked a return to dramas for So Ji Sub, (Master’s of Sun 2013) and Shin Min Ah (Arang and the Magistrate 2012)
  • So Ji Sub had to undergo a carbohydrate-free diet to have an amazing body for his character, he lost 7 kilos
  • MinAh underwent long makeup sessions to characterize her, which lasted 3 hours and cost more than $ 170,000.

It was another opportunity in the acting career of Sunghoon, who was previously a professional swimmer but suffered an injury, this activity was carried out for 14 years

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