1/10) and other footage of movie bank robberies reviewed by a former bank robber and it’s a must see!

Former bank robber reviews The Dark Knight (Rating: 1/10) and other film bank robbery footage (Photo credit – Film stills)

It’s safe to say that a good heist movie is a great night of entertainment. Christopher Nolan’s film The Dark Knight, which is one of the best superhero movies, has an opening scene that shows a bank robbery.

While the movie has all the elements such as thrill, suspense, and great action scenes, did the directors pull off the robbery scene well or was the robbery scene even close to reality? Now a former bank robber spills pretty much identical beans.

A former bank robber named Cain Vincent Dyer, who has committed more than 100 bank robberies in nearly two years, had attempted to judge the authenticity of the bank robbery scenes from some of our favorite movies, including the 2008, The Dark Knight. So let’s take a look:

The place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines was released in 2012. According to Dyer, the film captured what typically happens when a thief robs a bank for the first time or two. He even rated the movie 9/10 because it could relate to any mistakes the character in the movie made.

The city

The Town with Ben Affleck was released in 2010. Cain Vincent Dyer rated the film’s heist scene as realistic and the characters aggressive. He gave the film 10/10 for the authenticity of the heist scene in the film.


Tom Holland star Cherry was released in 2021. According to Dyer, the film’s heist scene was quite realistic and how a solo thief robs the bank. He also revealed an anecdote from his flying days. He said in the video: “I didn’t start robbing banks just because I wanted money. I started robbing banks out of desperation in order to repay a debt that a dear relative of mine had incurred with a criminal organization. He gave a score of 10/10 for the authenticity of the film’s heist scene.

The black Knight

Speaking of the Dark Knight, Cain Vincent Dyer said, “This safe that seems like no one could ever get in except probably the US military. We have to keep in mind that, this movie, everything about this movie is meant to be overkill. “Analyzing the scene, he also said that thieves wouldn’t have a weapon like this unless you have an armed security guard. The former thief felt that the heist scene in the film did was not consistent with the reality of the bank robbery and gave the film a rating of 1/10.

Money heist

On the Netflix series, the former bank robber joked that this was not a normal bank heist because there were military and certain groups in the world who absolutely could do it. . But the characters in the show were not soldiers. So he gave 1/10 for entertainment.

Baby driver

Dyer also reviewed a bank robbery scene from the 2017 film, where he was quite impressed with the main character approaching the situation with a Marine Corps. Recalling a similar incident from his experience, he said the interaction scene between the main character and the Marine Corps was close to a realistic bank robbery. He gave 7/10 just for the scene.

Check out the video clip below where former bank robber Dyer explains other heist movies.

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